Lunch.jpgLunch n Learn every Monday
during Term-Time 12-1pm and 1-2pm
at University of Sussex Students' Union.

Tuesdays at University of Kent, Rutherford Dining Hall.

Thursdays at University of Southampton Students' Union.

More info and exact location? Call or text 07779 008 268. 

Below some of our classes for you to enjoy and draw inspiration!

TOPIC: Why Did G‑d Create the World?
Class at University of Southampton, 23 Feb 2012  

Olam = World. The same root as He'elem = Concealment.
An inspiring talk on the purpose of creation and our partnership in revealing Divine Light!

TOPIC: Should there be Jewish Courts in the UK?
Class at University of Southampton, 16 Feb 2012 

TOPIC: Where was G‑d this morning?
Class at University of Southampton, 2 Feb 2012


Talking Nonsense; Making our Idle Chatter Meaningful.
20 Marcheshvan 5772/17 Nov 2011

Is Chabad Relevant in the 21st Century?
6 Marcheshvan 5772/3 Nov 2011 

Week of Shabbat 29th Oct 2011 (27/10 at Uni of Soton)
Jack; Hit the Road. How to get through the winter blues