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Cliff Hanger...

No suspense. No unexpected turbulence. No abrupt ending. But still a definite Cliff Hanger. Leaving us all anticipating the next episode!

We missed the first bus. Purposely. We’re proud to be Jewish.

Conversation on the bus was uninteresting. Prompting one uninspired traveller to let us know she thought so.

And then we were there. A nice group of Yiddishe boys and girls. We promptly sat down for lunch. T’was lovely to have Shterna and the kids join us for this – the most important part of the hike.

The ascent up the first of the Seven Sisters was easy enough, numbers two and three passed equally so. With the more ambitious of our group attempting to race each other. I personally much preferred to roll.

Somewhere up there, we’ve left our mark. Check the image on the website homepage or our photo album for illustrations.

Birling Gap. And then the last cliff that reaches out to Beachy Head. Offering some of the most spectacular views off the South Downs and out to the English Channel. (That’s what it was, wasn’t it?).

You could have thought we’d forgotten our identity, the way we settled comfortably for our beers at the end, without any food in sight. But then, right in the middle of this properly English Pub, Ben, Rob and myself Davened Mincha.

So there you have it. Something different from Sussex Chabad Society.

First in a Decade

I could have just seen the headlines: "Rabbi spotted marching through Moulsecoomb just before midnight..."

But the Albion won two games in a run and England defeated France in the Rugby, so the Argus chose to ignore what some may have considered news worthy, instead choosing some other headline for the weekend paper.

Reporting or no reporting, those who spotted myself and Shterna flanked by five students, making the four and-a-half mile trek from Falmer to Brighton, must have thought it a strange sight indeed. Thankfully the weather was pleasant, drunks in abundance, and the walk home passed peacefully, though not without incident, providing humour for us walkers.

Twenty five students met at 7:00pm for what is said to be the first communal Shabbat Dinner at Sussex University in more than a decade. Although the event was staged at the Debating Chamber in the Sussex University Falmer Building, the most intense debate of the evening simply determined whether participants should enjoy a second helping of Lokshen Kugal or Potato Kugel.

The four course dinner, including homemade Challah, Gefilta Fish, Chicken Soup and Shnitzel was prepared at the Central Brighton Chabad Student Centre, also home to my family. My wife and I are grateful to Rochel who assisted with late night Challah braiding, while Rob helped shuttle all that food to Sussex in time for candle lighting.

An avid description of a flood cause by a blocked shower drain inspired us to get out of our own box when the flood is done. Plans are in motion for another one (dinner that is – not flood!!) before the term is up.

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