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Birthday Gifts...

I got birthday gifts...

Close to 40 students and young adults joined Shterna and myself for a special Sushi Shabbat Dinner this past Friday night in honour of my birthday.

We are serious when we say that we will invest in more chairs!

A heartfelt thank you to all those who joined us on this special occasion. Thank you to all those who sent kind wishes, but were unable to make it. You were with us in spirit.

Shterna sent out a message asking that all participants resolve to add a Mitzvah in honour of my birthday.

The gifts were special. And generous.

We learned that in Temple/Biblical times, one was required to give a portion of ones meat to a Kohen. But as that is not currently an available option, D resolved to be a better listener.

Someone took the time to speak to a Big Issue salesperson, while another will keep her cats non-kosher dishes out of her kitchen sink!

The list goes on and on... as there were 40 of us. The youngest attendee resolved to sit nicely at the Shabbat dinner table, while marking the Shabbat, Shabbat candles and visiting Grandma were all undertaken last Friday night.

I got birthday gifts last Friday night. Close to 40 of them. All equally special and valuable.

And to all those givers I say, thank you. 

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