Moroccan Style Shabbat Dinner

Sunday, 25 October, 2009 - 3:53 pm

Shterna has done it again. Close to 30 enjoyed savoury Moroccan style dishes on Friday night, including a Moroccan style ‘Gefilta Fish’ (whatever that means), a range of salad recipes that I can’t and won’t spell, homemade tehini, chicken cooked in a sweet sauce which included dried prunes, apricots and raisins and more. So, she’s never cooked Moroccan before, but that didn’t faze her and she set to the task with gusto. Shterna; thanks for a job well done.


Special thanks are also extended to Rochel and Daphna, who joined Shterna in the kitchen for the pre-Shabbat rush, and Rochel even used the extra hour provided by the clock-change last night to wash up. Thank you to you both.


The stars of the evening were Mr Simon Hatchwell and his wife Kirsten. Simon is a Moroccan native, having grown up in Essaouira, on Morocco’s West Coast. As he still owns the family home there, he returns to Morocco a number of times a year, and kept us all spellbound with stories, historical facts and his own artistic home drawn maps.


Mrs Hatchwell, who clearly prefers Brighton to the plains of Morocco, met Simon in her hometown Copenhagen over 50 years ago, while he was travelling across Scandinavia during his summer break. Mrs Hatchwell contributed a fair deal to the evening and with great pride displayed images of her late mother-in-law in traditional Moroccan dress.


According to Simon and Kirsten, the food on Friday night was delicious and considered to be superb Moroccan cuisine, though Simon maintains that the Arabs of Morocco weren’t the world’s best cooks, and Moroccan cooking is actually traditional Sephardic cooking, having been developed by the Jewish women of the land!


Either way, the relaxed informal atmosphere and mix bunch of people, offered students and young adults yet another opportunity to enjoy the flavour that is Chabad.


Join us soon. You won’t regret it.

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Mercedes N Chuquimia wrote...

I think we are talking about the same Simon Hatchwell!! That would be my uncle!
This is beautiful Simon and Kirsten. You are in the news all over the world, as this blogs in the "cloud"
Love and see you soon,