Uncircumcised Whisky

Thursday, 1 November, 2007 - 7:52 pm

The alcohol flowed painfully slowly.

Ben was on top form. Showing his delightful appreciation for the distinctive flavour of the quality whisky that Rob managed to procure.

The inspiration also flowed, mind you.

I arrived, albeit slightly later than anticipated.

It’s been a busy week. What with newspapers to print, Menorah lightings to ignite the world and Chassidic gatherings to arrange.

The pickles in this delightful basement, south of Brighton station, have proven to greatly assist with the flow of energy that emanates from the chaps down here.

L’chaim to Ben. Wishes for a year of continued success as you ascend the elevator of life. Keep going MAN!

Comments on: Uncircumcised Whisky

Rob wrote...

The alcohol flowed fantastically quickly.
You were sitting at the wrong end of the table.

That'll do me. Plonka!

Ben wrote...

The whisky provided was not sufficient, but was elevated through the profound inspiration provided by the chief Rabbi of the Jews of Sussex and beyond, Rabbi Zalman, G-d bless 'im.

Thanks for the kind wishes...

Rochel wrote...

A marvellous time was had by all. But I'm going to think twice before I let Rabbi Lewis hurl water balloons in my kitchen again.

Nothing but the best wishes to Ben. Best of British luck (and the rest) in fulfilling your Hachlatos.

Hannah wrote...

Water balloons were thrown? I definitely missed something! Shame I had to leave early and couldn't drink any of the whiskey. I still got inspired a little though :). Best wishes to Ben!