Welcome to Chabad at S. E. Coast Universities

It all sounds so exciting... Leave home, meet new friends, set up house and have fun while doing a university degree.

It doesn't take long before Jewish students begin to ask where they'll find:

  • A freshly cooked, hot kosher meal.
  • A listening ear and a friend that cares.
  • Answers to a billion-and-one of life’s most challenging questions.
  • A delicious, traditional, home-style Shabbat dinner.
  • Support when campus life doesn’t go smoothly or when exam and deadline stress kicks in.
  • A hot bowl of chicken soup, delivered to a sick student's bedside.
  • A potential Jewish soul-mate

Arriving in the city of Brighton & Hove in January 2004, we quickly identified a dire need for improved programming for Jewish students and young adults. In September 2006, as part of the expansion of Chabad at University campuses across the UK, we established Brighton’s full time ‘Chabad at South East Coast Universities’.

Since then, thousands of Shabbat meals have been served, dozens of social events have been enjoyed, including burning 1000s of burgers, sausages and chicken wings, we've taught hundreds of hours of informal Jewish education and counselled dozens of overstressed students.

We’ve also emitted a good few CO2 emissions in our determination to ensure the good Jews at universities across the S. E. Coast get their share of inspiration. From University of Kent in the East, across to Southampton, students across the region enjoy regular contact with Chabad, including weekly lunch n learn’s at Kent and Soton, as well as a full range of support initiatives and social activities.

At Chabad, we understand that our public exposure is vital to providing Jewish students with the security and confidence they need to navigate the 21st century British university campuses. Giant Menorah lightings, Handouts of Hamantashen and Cheesecake and Meetings at Cafes, Bars and Common Rooms provide a sense of Jewish pride and strength, enabling students to be who they’d like to be, without fear or intimidation.

Be part of this exciting revolution. Whether you’re a student taking part, a former student travelling down memory lane, a parent of a current or past student or “just” another vital supporter, we welcome you to our website, our work and our lives. We are happy to have you as part of our family, and thank you for your support.




"How many Shabbats have I spent at the house of Rabbi Zalman and Shterna during my time at Sussex University! They have been like family to me. I have learnt a lot about Judaism and spending time with them helped me grow spiritually. Zalman is very good at explaining Jewish concepts in a ‘student language’, and as I’ve told him before, he is a very cool Rabbi! I admire how they have been proactive in organising many events, from Lunch and Learn at university to the big Simchas, always with great fun. The Sushi theme was one of my favourite! Thank you so much, I look forward to coming back to Brighton to see you again."

D. A.
IR, Sussex, 2010 

At Chabad you'll enjoy good food and great company.
We welcome interesting folk and stimulating discussion.
Come on over for a Shabbat Dinner (we're here every week!), a midweek class, social events, or just hang out... coffee, tea, beer, whatever...

We look forward to welcoming you!

Rabbi Zalman and Shterna
Raizel, Mushka, Mendel, Shmulik, Yankel, Chana, Levi & Rivka Tzirel