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Pesach Meal Booking Form

  • This Pesach, while you're stressing over uni work, there's no reason you shouldn't have a hot kosher-for-Pesach meal.

    In addition to our Seders and Yom Tov meals, we're also offering a hot dinner at Chabad each day of Pesach. Please select from the list of meals below, so we can plan accordingly.  (If you're not sure about a meal, you can always come back and fill another form later).

    We look forward to welcoming you.

    Zalman & Shterna

  • To book for the Seders, Friday 19th April and/or Shabbat 20th April, click here

  • In order to ensure that all students feel welcome, we don't charge for the Seder or meals, though we welcome donations, to ensure we can continue to provide this essential service.

    Please consider partnering with us, so we can continue giving. Whether you're joining us and you'd like to contribute, or you've just come across this page and want to help, we're grateful for your support at this giving time of the year.

    Click here to donate

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